Improve your French pronunciation with the free Fonetix Introduction Course

You might want to work on your pronunciation for a whole bunch of reasons:

. because we want to be better understood when we speak

. because one would like to improve one’s own oral understanding

. to be able to hide your accent (when you want, where you want).

And we teachers are no one to judge that. At Fonetix, we believe that accents are an expression of the richness of the world’s cultures and languages, but things are not always so simple…

So if you’re determined, we’re by your side.

That’s why we have been working since 2017 on a platform for training in French pronunciation.

The program:

Listening and repeating exercises: You listen to a model, register, and then compare your production to the model. You start over as many times as you need.

Perception-based quizzes: How many syllables do you hear? What sound do you hear in this sentence? Do you hear a [i] or a [y] on the highlighted syllable?

With a journey of about 2 hours, discover the prosody of French: the rhythm, the intonations, the accentuation, then refine your perception of vowels /i/, /u/ and /a/.

100% of people who have used our platform say they have made progress. 🙂

Visit our pronunciation training platform, created by our specialists in French phonetics.

And then what?

We are working on a course spacially designed for English-speakers, but it is not ready yet…

Only our Spanish speakers course is online…

In the meantime, you can ask us to create a tailor-made course, adapted to YOUR difficulties.

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